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Make Racing Pay

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Because of the success of the first year of Makeracingpay including a hard winter I am not actively looking for new members. There is an opportunity for those who just want winners. FLATTENED is 1 selection only per day, no price restrictions just winners. Unlike MRP which is all about looking for overpriced horses and long term profit, FLATTENED is a way to make money quicker. I am wanting 50 members only to join for selections from Monday 14th April until The November handicap at Doncaster. No messing about a one off payment (option 1)for the whole season and if the curtain falls on the season in November and you are not in profit including your subscription then a full refund is guaranteed. Or choose option 1 the monthly option and see how it goes. Don't get caught NAPPING and be one of the 50 to get FLATTENED. Existing MRP members will get the FLATTENED selection included whilst they are subscribers.


                                  Make Racing Pay

      We are almost full to capacity. Few places available

Because of the success and amount of people joining our service I shall be keeping the price at £25 p/month . Don't miss out and join us before I have to close the door on subscriptions due to sheer volume. Every punter professional or otherwise have losing runs. We guarantee that if you don't make money each month you won't pay again until you do. A profit guarantee.

Subscribers will be sent out an email each morning, usually pretty early unless I am awaiting word on one. I can guarantee that by joining my service for once you really will be able to say  MAKE RACING PAY. #BELUCKY  
I have added a full list of monthly selections at the bottom of the page winners and losers - is it worth £25 p/m the bank says yes.  

If your looking to make millions overnight then this service isn't for you. If your looking for steady, consistent profits then welcome, you've found the right place.

Read an independent review of our service by More Money Review

Advised starting bank sizes/stake
Bank = 100pts.
Stake = 1 or 2pts max

2015 Starting Bank 100pts
January   -23pts Bank Total +77pts
February +24.81pts Bank Total +101.81pts

2014 Yearly Total = +191.81pts profit. 
April +13pts    Bank total +113
May  +63.7pts Bank total +176.7pts
June  -1.615    Bank Total +175.55pts
July +47.33  ROI 61%   Bank Total +222.88pts
August +20.3pts Bank Total +243.18pts
September +21.38pts Bank Total +264.56pts
October +20.25pts Bank Total +286.81pts.
November +3pts Bank Total +289.81pts
December +2pts Bank Total 291.81pts

WE DON'T TIP BY NUMBERS 1 or 2 SELECTIONS A DAY IS THE NORM. Saturdays usually more.

Winners In December 
Boogangoo 8/1
Warm Order 8/1 (placed)
Never Change 11/2 (placed)
Hardy Black 11/2 (placed)
Sea Wall NAP 3/1
Point North 25/1 

Winners In November
Maggie Pink 7/1
Al Muheer 20/1 (placed)
Mops Angel 14/1 (placed)
Memoria 9/1
Stocking 6/1 (placed)
Synonym 7/2
Footstepsintherain 11/2 (placed)
Monetaire 11/1 (placed)
Silver Dragon 6/1
Mishaal 10/1 (placed)
Semaral 9/2
Even Stevens 6/1 (placed)
Loraine 6/1
Hallelujah 14/1 (placed)
Shadarpour 11/2 (placed)
Thorpe Bay 13/2 (placed)

Winners In October 
Guishan 16/1 (placed) 
El Mirage 10/1 (placed)
Pearl Noir 18/1 30p R4
Taquka 14/1 (placed)
Elizona 10/1 (placed)
Our Boy Jack 14/1  
Sudden Wonder 8/1
Silver Mirage 9/1 (placed)
Call Me Crockett 14/1 (placed)
May Queen (NAP) 7/2
Darting 16/1 (placed)
Semaral 9/2 (placed)
Reposer 7/1 (placed)
Stec 12/1
Sky Steps 7/1 (placed)
Capo Rosso 7/1
Ambitious Boy 16/1
Spinning Cobblers 12/1

Winners In September 
Berlusca 14/1
William Of Orange 8/1
G Force 11/1
Al Thakhira 14/1 (placed)
Inspector Norse 16/1 (placed) 10p R4
Weekendatbernies 8/1 (placed)
War Alert 6/1
Humidor 20/1 (placed)
Power Up 13/2 (placed)
Nullabor Sky 11/1 (placed)
Bondi Beach Boy 7/1 r4
Jonny Delta 8/1 (placed)
GM Hopkins 7/1
Arabian Flight 14/1
Swivel 11/1
Life And Times 6/1 (placed)
Haadeeth 7/1 15p R4
Tarvini 8/1
Native Falls 9/1

Winners In August 
Steeler 20/1 (placed)
Tatlisu 6/1 (placed)
Peterkin 6/1 (placed)
Windy Citi 5/1
Adams Ale 12/1 (placed)
Almagest 9/2
Muraaqaba 9/1
Unison 11/2
Sophisticated Heir 5/1
Shouranour 6/1
Carnevale 8/1 10p R4
Swivel 8/1
Almargo 16/1
Bow Creek 7/1
Bartack 13/2
Assault On Rome 6/1 (placed)

Winners In July 
Euroquip Boy 16/1
Syrian Pearl 9/2
Pallasator 14/1 (placed)
Trading Leather 20/1 (placed)
Hadaj 7/1 (placed)
Exceptionelle 5/1 (placed)
Dissent 5/1
Alfred Hutchinson 10/1 (placed)
Golden Town 12/1
Guest Of Honour 11/2
Al's Memory 16/1 (placed)
Archduchess 12/1 
Lady Frances 12/1
Odin 33/1 (placed)
Blaine 16/1
Silvanus 6/1
Mr Mclaren 10/3
Lady Sparkler 3/1
Sennockian Star 16/1
Mr Manannan 9/2
Buckstay 9/1 (placed)
Emily Davison 16/1 (placed)
Lyn Valley 20/1

Winners in June 
Two Moons 6/1
Llanardon Lad 14/1 (placed)
Alejandro 12/1
Guest Of Honour 4/1
Salvatore Fury 8/1 (placed)
Muteela 8/1
Zarwaan 12/1 (placed)
Lucky Di 17/2 (placed)
Hey Chewed 17/2
Snow Bay 8/1 (placed)
Party Royal 16/1 (placed)
Buckstay 8/1
Al Khan 8/1
Maracuja 6/1 (place)
Ralphy Boy 9/1
Jillnextdoor 15/2 (place)
Roachdale House 9/1
Llanardon Lad 3/1

Winners in May that made a profit for subscribers #makeracingpay
Innocent Touch 5/1
Six Wives 9/4
Hartnell (placed) 12/1
Gabrials Lad 25/1 
Personal Touch 11/1 (place)
Busatto 11/1
Aetna 12/1
Tiger Cliff 12/1 (place)
G Force 4/1
Naadir 14/1 (place)
Extra noble 9/1 (place)
Storyline 6/1
Storywriter 6/1
Observational 5/2 R4
Chatez 11/1
Crowdmania 7/1
Margaret's Gift 9/1 (place)
Arashi 5/1
Ryedale Lass 20/1 (place)
Dubai Hills 7/1
Muteela 12/1 R4

Winners in April that made a profit for subscribers #makeracingpay
Precision Strike 11/1
Sewn Up 13/2
Astracad 18/1 (place)
Flying Officer 7/2
Arod 7/4
Zeyran 8/1 (place)
Robot Boy 8/1 (place)
Maven 7/1 (place)
Trinityelitedotcom 11/1 (place)
Foreign Rhythm 8/1
Biscuiteer 11/4 r4
Caspian Prince 10/1
Opera Fan 10/3
Ecclestone 7/1
Arab Spring 3/1 r4
Shared Equity 2/1

So it really is time now to Make Racing Pay. Join us and make some money.

01-AugGoodwoodSteeler1/4pt e/w21.000.880.8810p
01-AugGalwayNed's Indian1/4pt e/w17.00-0.50.38
02-AugGoodwoodTatlisu1/2pt e/w7.000.250.63
02-AugGoodwoodPeterkin1pt e/w7.000.20.83
02-AugDoncasterTraditionelle1/2pt e/w8.00-1-0.17
04-AugKemptonWindy Citi1pt e/w6.0065.83
04-AugRiponValentino's Oyster1/2pt win5.50-0.55.33
04-AugRiponBright Applause1/2pt win5.50-0.54.83
05-AugRiponAdams Ale1/4pt e/w13.000.25.0325p
05-AugRiponAlmagest1pt win5.504.59.53
06-AugPontefractTeetotal1/4pt e/w15.00-0.59.03
07-AugHaydockPatrona Ciana1/2pt e/w6.00-18.03
07-AugHaydockBop It1/2pt e/w7.00-17.03
08-AugNewmarketOur Queenie1/2pt e/w6.50-16.03
09-AugRedcarGreen Howard1/2pt e/w9.00-15.03
09-AugHaydockSolar Magic1/2pt e/w7.50-14.03
09-AugNewmarketMuraaqaba1/2pt e/w8.004.388.41
09-AugHaydockST Moritz1/2pt e/w11.00-17.41
11-AugAyrGo Go Green1/2pt e/w12.000.68.01
12-AugFfos LasUnison1/2pt e/w6.503.311.31
12-AugLingfieldTiptree Lane1/2pt e/w17.00-110.31
13-AugBeverleyCadeaux Pearl1/2pt win6.50-0.59.81
13-AugBeverleyAmbitious Icarus1/2pt win13.00-0.59.31
13-AugBeverleyEeny Mac1/2pt win8.50-0.58.81
13-AugBeverleySophisticated Heir1/2pt win6.002.511.31
14-AugBeverleySix Wives1/2pt e/w11.00-110.31
15-AugNewcastleMr Mclaren2pt win5.50-28.31
15-AugNewburyDouble Czech1/2pt e/w7.50-17.31
15-AugNewmarketStarlight Serenade1/2pt win6.00-0.56.81
16-AugNewburyCambourne1/2pt e/w13.00-15.81
16-AugChesterDandy1/2pt e/w12.00-14.81
16-AugNewmarketRosslyn Castle1pt e/w12.00-22.81
17-AugSouthwellRory Boynon runner02.81
18-AugThirskRock The Boat1pt e/w11.00-20.81
18-AugThirskShouranour1pt e/w7.007.28.01
20-AugYorkJudge N Jury1/4pt e/w26.00-0.57.51
20-AugYorkSnow Sky1/2pt win10.00-0.57.01
20-AugYorkMarzocco1/4pt e/w19.00-0.56.51
20-AugMusselburghTom Sawyer1/2pt e/w15.000.97.41
20-AugKemptonSouville2pt win4.50-25.41
21-AugYorkParbold1/4pt e/w13.00-0.54.91
22-AugYorkThat Is The Spirit1/2pt win8.50-0.54.41
22-AugYorkErtijaal1/2pt win11.00-0.53.91
22-AugYorkAstaire1/4pt e/w34.00-0.53.41
22-AugYorkG Force1/4pt e/w26.00-0.52.91
22-AugNewmarketCarnevale1pt e/w9.008.6411.5510p
22-AugHamiltonSpecial Fighter1/2pt win10.00-0.511.05
22-AugHamiltonSwivel1/2pt win9.00415.05
23-AugGoodwoodHeavy Metal1/2pt win8.00-0.514.55
23-AugGoodwoodAlmargo1/2pt win17.00822.55
23-AugYorkTerantum Star1/4pt e/w41.00-0.522.05
23-AugGoodwoodBow Creek1/2pt e/w8.004.226.25
23-AugYorkSir Walter Scott1/4pt e/w17-0.525.75
23-AugYorkTed Veale1/4pt e/w19.00-0.525.25
23-AugGoodwoodInsaany2pt win4.50-223.3
25-AugRiponBartack1/2pt e/w7.503.927.2
27-AugKemptonit’s a Yes From Me1/2pt e/w 9.00-126.2
28-AugHamiltonNelsons Pride1/2pt e/w6.50-125.2
28-AugHamiltonKing Of P{aradise1/2pt e/w11.00-124.2
29-AugSandownMan Of Harlech1/2pt win6.50-0.523.7
30-AugSandownEcclestone1/2pt win10.00-0.523.2
30-AugSandownOne Chance1/2pt win13.00-0.522.7
30-AugBeverleyRocky Ground1/2pt win7.00-0.522.2
30-AugBeverleyFirew Fighting1/2pt win8.00-0.521.7
30-AugBeverleyGot To Dream1/2pt win17.00-0.521.2
30-AugSandownAssault On Rome1/2pt e/w7.000.121.3
30-AugBathGlen's wobbly1/2pt e/w8.00-120.3

01-JulBathSharp Lookout2pts win4.50-2-2
02-JulChepstowEuroquip Boy1/2pt e/w17.00108
02-JulKemptonGravitational1/2pt e/w7.00-17
03-JulEpsomStarwatchnon runner9.5007
04-JulSandownTaajub1pt win5.50-16
04-JulSandownTagula Night1pt win9.00-15
04-JulBeverleyKraka Gym1/2pt e/w13.00-14
05-JulLeicesterSyrian Pearl1pt win5.504.58.5
05-JulHaydockPallasator1/2pt e/w15.501.259.68750.0625
05-JulBeverleyHadaj1pt e/w8.000.410.0875
05-JulSandownTrading Leather1/2pt e/w21.001.511.51250.075
05-JulHaydockLaffan1pt win9.00-110.5125
05-JulLeicesterMaster Of Song1/2pt e/w17.00-19.5125
07-JulAyrPowerful Presence1pt win7.00-18.5125
07-JulRiponTraditionelle1/2pt e/w6.000.1258.6375
08-JulLingfieldDissent1pt win6.00513.6375
08-JulLingfieldSilvala Dance1pt win5.50-112.6375
09-JulCatterickThrust Control1/2pt e/w12.00-111.6375
09-JulKemptonTijuca1/2pt e/w15.00-110.6375
10-JulNewmarketForever Now2pts win4.00-28.6375
10-JulDoncasterRoy's Legacy1/2pt e/w9.00-17.6375
10-JulEpsomTall Ship1pt e/w8.000.47.99750.04
11-JulYorkJoyeuse1/2pt e/w5.50-0.17.8975
11-JulAscotSquats1pt win4.50-16.8975
11-JulNewarketSleeper King1/2pt e/wn/r06.8975
11-JulChesterBuccaneers Vault1/2pt e/w7.500.37.1975
11-JulChesterDr Red Eye1pt e/wn/r07.1975
12-JulYorkAlfred Hutchinson1/2pt e/w11.001.58.6975
12-JulAscotRobot Boy1/2pt win9.00-0.58.1975
12-JulAscotMasamah1/2pt win15.00-0.57.6975
12-JulNewmarketGolden Town1pt e/w13.001218.49751.2
12-JulYorkAl Saham1pt win6.50-117.4975
12-JulAscotGuest Of Honour1/2pt e/w6.503.320.30250.495
12-JulChesterDreams Of Reality1pt win6.00-119.3025
12-JulChesterArnold Lane1/2pt win11.00-0.518.8025
12-JulChesterHitchens1/2pt win9.00-0.518.3025
12-JulAscotKinshasa1pt e/w6.00-216.3025
12-JulNewmarketGreeleys Love1/2pt e/w10.00-115.3025
14-JulLingfieldAl's Memory1/2pt e/w17.001.116.4025
14-JulWindsorTreasure The Ridge1/2pt e/w17.00-115.4025
15-JulBeverleyWindforpower1/2pt e/w8.00-114.4025
16-JulBeverleyArchduchess1/2pt e/w13.007.221.6025
16-JulBeverleyLady Frances1/2pt e/w13.007.228.44250.36
17-JulDoncasterSmarty Socks1pt win6.00-127.4425
17-JulDoncasterOdin1/2pt e/w34.002.830.2425
18-JulHamiltonHitchens1/2pt win21.00-0.529.7425
18-JulHamiltonBlaine1/2pt win17.007.536.49250.75
18-JulNewmarketDiamond Lady1/2pt e/w7.00-135.4925
19-JulNewmarketLlanardon Lad1pt win6.00-134.4925
19-JulNewmarketSpecial Meaning1/2pt ew15.00-133.4925
19-JulRiponPacango1/2pt ew8.00-132.4925
19-JulNewburyRivellino1/2pt ew17.00-131.4925
21-JulAyrLighening Hopkins1/2pt ew11.00-130.4925
21-JulBeverleySir Geoffrey1/2pt winn/r030.4925
21-JulBeverleyNoodles Blue Boy1/2pt win9.000.530.9925
23-JulCatterickSilvanus1/2pt e/w7.004.235.1925
23-JulCatterickCahal1/2pt e/w7.00-134.1925
24-JulBathThe Dandy Yank1pt win4.50-133.1925
24-JulLingfieldReedcutter1pt e/w5.50-231.1925
25-JulAscotBoite1/4pt e/w26.00-0.530.6925
25-JulThirskMr Mclaren1pt win4.303.333.9925
25-JulThirskCharlemagne Diva1/2pt e/w9.00-132.9925
25-JulNewmarketCape Mystery2pt win6.00-230.9925
26-JulAscotBelgian Bill1/2pt win10.00-0.530.49925
26-JulAscotRedvers1/2pt win23.00-0.529.9925
26-JulYorkDutch Rose1pt e/w6.50-227.9925
26-JulNewmarketRemember1/2pt e/w11.00-126.9925
26-JulYorkHoof It1/2pt win19.00-0.526.4925
26-JulYorkSee The Sun1/2pt win17.00-0.525.9925
26-JulAscotMagician1pt win6.00-124.9925
26-JulNewmarketSpeedfiend1/4pt e/w34.00-0.524.4925
26-JulNewmarketCrowdmania1pt win6.00-123.4925
26-JulLingfieldLady Sparkler2pt win4629.4925
27-JulAscotDouble Bluff1/2pt win7.5-0.528.9925
27-JulAscotSwivel1/2pt win11.00-0.528.4925
27-JulPontefractHonoured1/2pt e/w17.00-127.4925
29-JulGoodwoodSennockian Star1/2pt e/w17.009.637.0925
29-JulBeverleyMister Manannan1pt win5.54.541.5925
29-JulGoodwoodBuckstay1/4pt e/w100.241.7925
29-JulGalwayPintura1/4pt e/w21-0.541.2925
30-JulRedcarFoxtrot Pearl1/2pt e/w23-140.2925
30-JulRedcarEmily Davison1/2pt e/w171.141.3925
31-JulGoodwoodLyn Valley1/2pt win2110.551.8925
31-JulGoodwoodRainbow Rock1/2pt win7.549.3925
31-JulGoodwoodInsaany1/2pt win1948.8325
31-JulGoodwoodIfwecan1/2pt win8.748.3325
31-JulGoodwoodAlmargo1/2pt win7.547.8325
31-JulEpsomExpress Himself1pt win747.3325