Saturday, 27 May 2017

Make Racing Pay Service Update

Make Racing Pay is relaunching - 1st June 2017

Everyone involved in racing knows what happened to MRP owner in September 2015. How can a successful racing tipster end up in prison? It's a long story, one for another time. The past is the past and it is the future that counts. I have had an awful lot of support from many MRP members and from that support I have decided to relaunch MRP as a private members service with numbers around the 20 mark. If you wish to join send me an email and I can assess whether MRP membership is suitable for both of us.

So what has changed? will MRP ever return to the massive monthly profits of 2014.
This page will be different from the old days. I am not looking for massive numbers of subscribers. The administration involved when dealing with 150-200 people a month and it eats away at your study time. MRP will go back to the email selection service with a detailed analysis of the days racing. Horses of interest was a hugely popular segment which will remain and enhanced as a part of the new daily email on 01/06/17.
MRP is focused on being a friendly interactive service for punters who want to make a steady income from their betting. By sending out detailed race analysis MRP will improve your form study. Despitemy incarceration in September 2015 MRP will always be known as a very profitable service backed up by the demand for me to relaunch.
This blog will be updated regularly with news of our results and racing information.
I will also be available to talk with members via skype for insant face to face advice.
MRP is back and ready to make money for its members and I cannot wait as I am so looking forward to the summers racing and the journey we will take. #belucky